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then click the like button for special access. until then keep it here on fox news channel. the o'reilly factor is next. good night from washington. >> good morning, everyone. it is saturday september 18th. afghans are heading to the polls as rocket strikes and terror bombings try to keep them from voting. we'll have a live report. >> conservative movement getting all fired up with o'donnell stirring up the crowd. we are not trying to take back our country. we are our country. >> and one city's plan to smoke out smoking on the beaches. is it violating people's rights or protecting their health.
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"fox and friends" starts right now. it does. right now. >> welcome to "fox and friends". good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. thank you eric for joining us. >> i love it. >> the money here. >> keepanite on it. >> i tell you what, it was ladies night on friday for the gop. lisa murkowski . o'donnell spired up the crowd. familiar things that you have heard from sarah palin. talking about the ruling class. here is chris tin o'donnell. >> it is not they don't get us. they call us whacky and wing nuts. we call us "we the people." [laughing] >> they are trying to say we are
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trying to take over that party or that campaign. they don't get it. we are not trying to take back our country. we are, our country. >> she spoke for 18 minutes and received multiple standing ovation . she won the gop nomination in delaware. she is called the "it" girl. there is so much. she won an upset victory and some people say the deck and cards are stacked against her for the upcoming election. but she is getting so much name recognition people are getting to know her now that she is on the national stage. >> she is perfect tea party candidate. she is anti-establishment. she was voted in by the people and that's what she stands for.
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that is the tea party perfectly defined. >> she's getting support for not making some of the payments. she can't make the house payment and neither can we. she couldn't finish her college education. a lot of money is pouring in over 1.5 million raised in a 72 hour period following that upset win. democrats outnumber republicans by more than 100,000 in the state of delaware. >> it may work against her. she has a lot of winning qualities. she is telo gentic. she doesn't speak down to people. people like her. some basic level she is likeable. we'll see what happens. >> you know what the interesting part is, even the republican establishment she can't win. but you want to know something. her opponent is a self-described
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markist. he wrote a paper in college calling himself a markist. >> christina o'donnell . then lisa murkowski was dephoted in alaska . she refuse to quit. in the same fold of christina o'donnell. she is starting her write in campaign as of last night. her name is not on the ballot. the voters have to right out murkowski and check the box. that is a long, long shot asking a lot of the voters, guys. >> here is her announcing her new plan. before his tragic accident that took him from an alaska that he loved so much, he wrote a
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statement that said she is a fighter who stands up for what is right. i trust her commitment to do what is best for alaska and so today, my friends, my campaign for alaska's future begins. [applause] >> wait a minute. i thought it began before the primary that she lost. she lost. she really should step aside and let joe miller take the writeful place he won legitimate. >> that's what the state's republicans are saying and in capitol hill what her fellow republican colleagues are saying that they cannot support her because the voters made a choice. she boy the way made a swipe at palin in the announcement. i am one republican woman who
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will not quit on alaska . sarah palin supported her opponent joe miller. >> joe miller spoke out on the network last night and he made very clear his feelings about lisa murkowski getting back in the race. >> this is a perfect example of what late senator stevens warned against and an example of a politician that went back on her word. she said friday before the primary election that she would support the will of the electorate and she is obviously in the a person of character. >> the last senator who won a write in campaign strom thurm an in 1954. the republican establishment is not happy with what is happening in alaska. here is what senator john cornyn. it is hard to see how you stay part of the republican leadership if you are no longer
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running as a republican. i think that's pretty much the end of that. she will need independent support and democrats. some of the democrats were there. >> all of the rules are exploded. nothing that happens previous sarah palin sent out a tweet in response to the news from nurk murk. primary voters spoke and lin to the people and 40 point incumbent lead and a war chest chose joe instead. >> her support behind joe miller a long way. sarah palin support across the counselry is the deciding factor in a lot of primaries. >> she was a rock star last night as she spoke in on iowa. some say testing the waters. she spoke in the ronald reagan
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dinner. this some say is a making of the a 20 12 run. she focused on the 2010 and what they need to do. >> the answer from the is another federal program and rebeat our economy by cashing in clunkers and loosening in loit bulb and supporting country's natural resource development instead of our owns. voters will stop the fundmental transforlation of america that is not good for america. it is the patriots that will restore america. some say show manage to deepen the mystery. she gave mixed signals and we'll talk about 2012 coming up in the next hour live with us. in the meantimes, here the head
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heens. fox news alert. they warned residents and now insurgents in afghanistan are trying to stop the voting process with bombings. rockets struck major cities. first one slamming in the capitol before dawn. two people were killed. this vote is a key test for the afghan government after last year's election. pope benedict xvi is continuing with a busy schedule in london despite six arrests in a terror plot. craig is live in london with the details. what do we know about the terror part? >>reporter: the men are held and it was five and now six. the schedule will continue and go on as planned. the pope is okay. a mass in westminister cathedral. the pope mentioning the sex abuse crisis that is rocketing the church in europe.
7:10 am
strong words from benedict talking about the immense suffering of victims of unspeakable crimes. he doesn't travel the way john paul used to. some of the countries he goes to visit are not particularly friendly to the cath lec faith. of course, there is going to be hostility and protest planned for this afternoon. he wants to engage this part of europe which doesn't believe in trying to make a rational case for the faith. he is calm here in front of the hostility. he told us that on the plane on the way over. calm as well in terms of the terror plot . he's making a battle to save christmas. >> craig burke thank you for that update. >> two americans under arrest for trying to sell secrets to
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venezuela. pedro marc that he could help venezuela develop a nuclear bomb in 10 years. >> bp oil well to be sealed today. it will be plugged here and the focus is expected to turn to the clean up. the leak spewed four million barrels of oil in the gulf and caused billions of dollars in damage on the coast. those are the headlines. >> check of our weather. >> good morning to you. >> very much sum are in parsts of the country and beginning to be fall in the northern area as well there is reason out there. some of the tropical moisture in south texas . that is associated with hurricane karl . look at the pictures out of mexico. yesterday, a category 3 hurricane hit the city of
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vercruz, mexico. causing all kinds of damage. the town has sen million people in it. you can get an idea of the damage done there. all of that moisture pulled inland in the higher elevations . they will have up to 15 inches of rain. we'll see significant flooding out of mexico as well >> another one is igor . i will show you that in a second. up in northern and central plans, eastern nebraska and parts of iowa will cause flooding . north of this, it is cold . first fall air mass in parts of the dakotas . one10 in phoenix which is hot for this time of year. this is igor. 110 miles per hour, but it is a big, big storm and heading right to bermuda.
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we'll have a category 3 storm over bermuda sunday night or sunday morning. guys? >> we'll be monitoring that. >> they work for uncle sam, but reports from capitol hill show that employees there owe him millions. >> we need a law to make sure they are not breaking the law. >> he is the right guy to do that bill. >> one city you may not be able to light up. should the city just butt out. interesting grooming.
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>> conservatives are in dc for
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the values voters summit . candidates for the presidential election. joining us is ralph, author of the confirmation. >> good to be with you. >> news out of the value's voters summit and the findings of the straw poll, you will announce those this afternoon. which candidate has the most moment snum >> mike huckabee won that straw poll going into 2008. he has a lot of support there. sarah palin has a lot of support. mitt romney was there . a number of candidates who were there . we'll see who -- what will happen. straw pos don't predict the nominee. what they do, do, and can do and you saw this with mike in the last cycle it shows who has the
7:18 am
grass roots momentum. i will be watching and my advice to conservative unsolicited, we have a job to do in the next 46 days. stay focused on that and let the starting gun of the presidential race happen on november 3rd . not october throerd. >> you have seen the headlines, there is a fracture in the republican party and split between the tea party votes and moderates . social conservatives say don't forget about us. how do you see it? >> i am very optmilfic. i have seen this movie before. i was part of the reagan influx in the each 70s and '80s everybody said they pushed the party tube to the right. they did the opposite. they brought us reagan and swing voters .
7:19 am
religious conservatives poured in the party at '80s and '90s. everybody said we pushed the party too far to the right? what happened? people of faith elected the first republican congress in 40 years and giving republicans control of both ends of pennsylvania avenue. mark my words tea party folks will do the same thing. they will change the party, but the party will also change them and they will learn how to pull the levers of government and depovern. i am glad they are part of the process and i worked them them. >> thank you for joining us . let us know how it goes today. >> thank you very much. >> newt gingrich is speaking this afternoon. >> new group billing itself as the alternative of the aarp and working to repeal obama-care
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>> 22 minutes after the hour. time for the news by the numbers. 3.2 billion dollars. that's how the stocks are expected to close following the merger of continental and united airlines. that will create the biggest airline in the world. next 24, how many hours domino's pizza will be open in hoe the store near dayton sells breakfast pizza with eggs,
7:24 am
cheese and bacon. order them up for us. 32 inches. that's how large the smallest cow s. in the guness book of world records; i think that cow gives skim milk. >> some called it new conservative from aarp. its mission to help senior is thes to save money and have choices about their health care and repeal obama-care. doctor, one of the knocks against aarp is that it is political. i know your group is to repeal obama care, why is that? >> yes, aarp is very political. we discovered baby boomers and
7:25 am
seniors are simply tired of having hard-earned dued spent on aarp hard left agenda. we created the alliance for retirement prosperity that is a conservative alternative. we'll be for conservative and moderate values and free market approach and offer our members a wider choice in products and big discounts and low prices. we think that when seniors and baby boomers see whoo the alliance has to offer, they will flock to us. it is a better deal and comport with their values and political views. >> you said that aarp offers one size fits all health care alternative. you will do it differently, right. >> we'll turn the one size fits all model on its head. they are a monopoly and their model reflects their views.
7:26 am
big government collusion . they get a single product they endorse and pad that in the price and frankly seniors and baby boomers are wise to that. we are turning it on its head. we brought in a stable top of the line insurance carriers and our vendors will compete for the business of our members. they will get a better deal and wider discounts and lower prices. >> how many membership do you expect to get? >> it is a membership association. we take the alliance concept seriously and start out with allies of other organizations and go out of the door with one and half million allied members that are affiliate looking to get as many members as we can. the response is overwhelming. we are gratified. >> dr. larry hunter, president of the alliance.
7:27 am
>> the alliance. >> city trying to snuff out smoking cigarettes in public spaces. leaving a lot of people outraged and results are in which is the sexiist city? do you live there? it is not las vegas or new york . who is on the list, coming up.
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>> welcome back to "fox and friends". i greg bolling in for clayton morris. >> unlike clayton it is not the most important thing in my life. >> all right. so big news this morning. value voters conference continues with newt gingring. they are live where the summit is happening. hey, carolina. how big of a roll will the valuey voters play. everybody talks about taxs and budget and economy the primary
7:32 am
issue. but social issues are important to the voters? >> absolutely. they really feel like they got the juice. they think 20 thereto 10 will be the year of the social conservatives. in delaware we have seen the movement. christine o'donnell pull today away from the candidate. we are seeing the people here today. filled with enthusiasm and we are standing in a empty ball room. senator jim demit talked about that enthusiasm yesterday. take a listen. >> washington treated americans like they were stupid for too long. november 2nd you will see who is stupid and they will be out of washington and you will be back in. >> that brought down the house. great one-liners here and enthusiasm level is impressive guys.
7:33 am
>> the straw poll that everyone watches. what do you expect and who are the front runners and what are you hearing. >> this is an interesting one. last-minute shuffling. mike huckabee is a favorite. he won it last year. this week, names are pulled off and michelle bachman got flack in minnesota. her opponent said is she running for president. it is a important top. if you are wondering a run you will gauge how the social conservative view you by the straw poll out today. mitt romney came in second last year and he was whipping up the crowd yesterday afternoon. >> we have serious enemies and growing threats around the world and unfortunately we have an administration whose idea of a rogue state is arizona. >> that line brought down the house.
7:34 am
>> romney spoke on friday. who is speaking today? >> you mentioned the headliners. geng rich and virginia governor speaking in the ball room today. it will be filled with 2,000 conservatives and they will be cheering and yelling and hearing what these guys have to say. the straw poll coming out this afternoon. that will be the big afternoon this afternoon, guys. >> thank you for the preview. >> and the rest of the headlines. we have a fox news alert for you. polls are open in afghanistan in the country's first election since rumors of fraud in last year's poll. violence from the taliban is attempting to keep the voters away. connor has the latest. >>reporter: polls are due to close it is tough to get a concrete conclusion of what the
7:35 am
election day looked like. across the country, there was several taliban attack accident, but no where near the level of violence they feared. there were attacks in the south . the government - governor of cand han hit by an ied but he was okay. there were lines but turn out in cabble was down from last year's election . it is tough to know what turned out here in afghanistan. this is only the second time they elected a parliment. there is no base line of what it should look like. the issue is fraud. that was the election last year marred by that . a lot of reports about the intelible ink that is preventing the voters . that is washing off easily .
7:36 am
voters intimidation by insurgents but it is some what of an orderly affair. we'll get a better conclusion in a few days on if it is an improvement. >> nice to see the brave people turning out despite the challenges. >> back here at home voters in hawaii heading to the polls. all eyes on the democratic candidate for governor and honolulumayor in a tight race. they faced off years ago in a primary in which hanneman won duke is ahead over john carroll. >> president obama calls on the gop to support a bill limiting the amount of money that companis and unions can spend on political advertising. >> we can see for ourselves how
7:37 am
destructive to our this can become. there is attack ads sponsored by special interest using fund groups with misleading names. >> the republicans say the crack down is an attack on free speech. >> lindsay lohan said it herself. that she failed a court-ordered drug test. tmz said the actress tested positive for cocaine. she would be required to return to jail for 30 days. last month lohan was released early. she served 13 of the 90 day sentence. >> show learned her lesson. >> it is one of the most talked about stories of the week. roger gadel making a ruling on the new york jets harassment case. gadel found that the new york jets acted unprofessionally and
7:38 am
did not harass the mexican tv report. there is no evidence that show was touched inappropriately. gadel said he is implementing training programs for all nfl team conduct in the workplace. the program would be underwritten from woody johnson and with a note she should learn professionalism in the workplace as well joe torres announced his retirement from the los angeles dodgers. the dodgers owner is going throw a high profile divorce. speculation is ramping up he could possibly manage the or mets. mattingly took over for tow tow. - torres. >> and matting dollarsly is taking over for torres.
7:39 am
>> we just mentioned that. >> i was watching rick outside. >> now you know how i feel. you know, dancing with the stars, that's what that girl is going for. that reporter. >> she would be great. >> yeah. >> good point, man. >> that's the way these things work. >> look at the weather, guys. starting to look a bit like fall for some folks and it is summer in the tropics. hurricane igor, 100 miles per hour and cat 2 storm. it will likely strengthen by around 36 hours from now, battering bermuda and a slow mover. bermuda will deal with hurricane winds 12-24 hours. a major problem headed to bermuda right now. we'll look at the u.s..
7:40 am
this is what you are waking up to, fall-like temperatures in the north. 37 in rapid city and 70 in kansas city. that's the battle between fall and summer. that battle will continue all week. it will feel more like summer for everyone. but fall begins on wednesday evening. >> golf is over in rapid city. >> and we know that joquim phoenix bizarre downward spiral and self destructive behavior over the two years was a stunt for a new movie produced by casey affleck. i personally was duped. i will admit it. i thought we were watching somebody in the grip of mental illness. i felt sorry for him and thought he was suffering a drug induced
7:41 am
episode on david letterman. they kept the stunt up for a long time. >> you are very passionate. we were all duped but i am not upset about it here is the signature moment on david letterman last year. >> it was the beer. >> it is comfortable or itchy are you pleased with it. >> is -- weird. >> i am making you feel weird. >> i can't be the first one to make you feel weird about it >> no, i guess not. >> david letterman was clearly duped he ended the interview by saying, i am sorry you couldn't be here today. gonso film making. casey affleck does the film i am still here. he wasn't trying to trick. i don't understand. i don't know if i am offended by it. the guy can clearly act.
7:42 am
not only as johnnie cash. he clearly has minutal issues. i think he is just crazy. >> it was a joke. >> i don't believe it. i think they made a film so what. he went on tour in sang one song. >> a rap. >> he was what is the other songs. >> it was a stunt . they say he will be on david letter for his triumphant return . back in his norma personala. i think they were mocking mental illness. it i i am outrage. people wonder federal they will have careers. let us know what you think? new report on capt captain hill. millions. congressman chaffetz will join
7:43 am
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7:47 am
deling quent tax to the ethics committee. here is the question. is this a culture of acceptance. we talk about charlie rangel who writes tax law and cheated on his tax . tim githener who enforces tax laws and forgot about taxes he had to pay. do they feel that i am bigger and above the law? >> that's probably the case for people. there is a lot of good people doing good things. but 700 people helping to write the laws of this country, but these people are not paying their taxes. if you are not paying federal tax on the federal pay roll, you should be fired. no one likes that. but for law makers there is constitutional issues. we introduced a bill. if you are a member of the congress or house and spiant, you haven't paid you need to
7:48 am
file and have your wages garnished. you can't just keep and not pay these things. >> the implication that lawmakers know they have unpaid taxes? are they not aware of this? is the tax code too complicated? are they aware of the problem? >> they should be aware of the problem if they are not. the ethic's committee should be involved . people are going to run in trouble, but you need to make it whole. when you get serious deling quent tax debt to say hey, you just can't keep ignoring this. this is the way hopefully to solve the problem. overall. you have 100,000 federal workers paying not paying a billion in taxes. that is a big number. >> it does boggle the mind
7:49 am
congressman that you have to pass a law to remind congress members to actually obey the law and pay their taxes is what your proposal would do. require members of congress to disclose deling quent and garnish the wages of a member with federal tax liability. how would that have changed charlie rangel's situation . >> we would have been exposed to it a lot earlier and trying to make the government whole and make it happen. i don't know how many members. i don't know if they are republicans or democrats, it shouldn't matter. this information should be expose if you have a debt, that's going to affect the way you are acting and doing thing in congress. i think it is fair and balanced. i think it is common sense. maybe not. i am just a freshman. i am here to clean tup. >> you are doing a good job.
7:50 am
>> thank you. >> appreciate it >> thank you. and coming up, put your butts away. the city trying to ban you for lighting up in public spaces. like parks. should the government stick its nose in the issue. we report, you decide, next . ll. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, tho. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. th is easy. best news i've hed all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort mped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there's something new.
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>> new york city smokers are asking the city to butt out. a new law backed by the city's mayor would ban smoking in public parks and beachs and plasa the. the law already prohibits people from smoking in bars and restaurants. is this going too far? joining us is audrey silk and
7:54 am
the lawmaker opposing the ban. thank you, audrey, stopping smoking saves lives and how cuargue with this new law. >> i am so glad you put that way. using second-hand smoke is an excuse. it is affecting my right to choice to smoke a legal product it is not government's role to get involved in my choice such as that. i was a police officer. i took a job that was risky, why can't i choose to smoke. i don't argue there are exaggerated risk. but they are risk. why am i -- no offensive council woman you are not in charge of my life. >> we have a constitutional right to smoke but government has a right to regulate public health. i want new york city to be healthier.
7:55 am
7500 die of smoke more than as and suicide . 57 percent of nonsmokers are walking out with toxics. i want to be healthy in new york. >> audrey, the council woman said it is dangerous. >> it is not. one study they are relying on. that's not how science works. you have studies before it is validated. the author himself said six feet away from the smoke it is zero. so they are choosing to deny me civil liberties instead of walking away. >> council woman you want to ban it in 1700 and 14 miles of beaches and no longer on the boardwalk or marina or pedestrian plasas. why not ban it altogether or say no smoking in new york city? >> if you are in the beachs and
7:56 am
parks, you are sitting in the beaches, you have sitting right next door with your family 75 percent of the litter picked nup beaches is cigarette butts. i feel you are sitting there and talking and you want a smoke free environment. we want a healthy city. i am not talking about sidewalks or people's home. but sitting and talking and smoke can get in my lucks. >> you can walk away. you want to infringe on my civil liberties. for one group to have rights . one group have none? in 15 minutes i picked up a wad of garbage like to ban smoking. but when everybody is littering it is discrimination. >> we want to ask our viewers to write in.
7:57 am
it is a passionate subject on both sides. thank you for coming in to debate it. >> one diet drug rejected by the fda. despite warnings, we'll talk about that coming up. ring ring. progresso. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money.
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>> we start with a fox news alertment polls are about to close in afghanistan. we'll have the developing details. >> sarah palin in iowa telling the gop to get ready for midterm election. >> it may take folks shaking it up to get there. [applause] >> does her speech signal a 2012 presidential run? we are live in des moines this morning. >> first lady trying to get restaurants to cut back on salt and heavy creams. will the chefs follow her advice and will the food be edible.
8:01 am
>> and chaz in maryland. clayton is off relaxing on the west coast. ally and dave holding down the fort with our guest host. >> you are watching "fox and friends". >> and eric bolling in for clayon morris. >> he is out having a cigarette. >> can't do that. >> good to have you this morning. clayton on vacation. starting with sarah palin making her return to the hawk eye state. speaking in the iowa ronald reagan dinner. palin drew big applause for her attacks on liberal main stream media. is this pointing to a possible 2012 presidential run. cameras in des moines iowa.
8:02 am
she is giving mixed messages. >> well, this is her first visit to the caucus state without a book deal and it is taking as a sign of her interest and her ability to jig up the tea party conservative rankings . that was last night's pockus. whenever sarah palin who is a fox news contributor comes to the state there is media talk of presidential . her opening remarks she joked about about going for a job and then recognizing all of the speculation about 2012, here is how she quipped. >> headline going to be vanity fair. palin in iowa, decides to run. [applause] that is a good start for her.
8:03 am
earlier this week she told us that if the american people decide she is the one she would give it a shot. test the waters and lun for president. last night she took shots at the media. that is nothing knew for sarah palin . made it clear that the support she gave to tea party candidates is not going to stop in the general elections and frankly in her view sharply expressed on occasion establishment and the republican party have to lay off tea party republicans. >> we are due for a little rediscovery. it is time for renewal . restoration of honor and those time tested truths and it may take renegade going rogue to get us there. it may take folks shaking it up. shake up to get there. >> we talked to a lot of folks after her speech and it was clear to some that she may not
8:04 am
be running for president, but she's more suited to be a cheerleader than commander-in-chief leader. there was no dispute and you can see it in the faces of those that express doubts that she can rally the republican base and tea party movement. >> she told fox news. if the voters thought she was the one she would run. how will she determine that? >> well, that is a great question. in iowa the way to determine that is get here a lot and spend a tremendous amount of town with a small number of iowa caucus voters who go to caucus night . if you don't do the retail politicing and sit down in the kitchen and have a conversation with people, it is unlikely you will do well here. sarah palin is so big and can capture national attention.
8:05 am
but the idea of her doing the old style intimate campaigning that iowa expects and new hampshire where the first primary demands, that is going to be tough and she's shown no about or prepared for it. no one in the iowa party establishment gave indication that sarah palin contacted them and she asked no questions about what a candidate should be doing to get organized for 2012. >> good information. it is interesting what she is talking about there. you can't parachute in iowa and bounce back out. poulenty and gleng rich have an in iowa. will her celebrity insist she doesn't have to do that? >> look. she is a hot property and very valuable to a lot of campaigns and maybe she does it for a year
8:06 am
and half and looks to 2016. my guess that would be the most logical time to run and not 12. >> talk about the other woman who is called the "it". that is christine o'donnell who just won the gop primary in delaware. she was speaking last night. she was speaking in the value's voters summit and she talked about what she called the ruling class. >> i am hearing frustration not only with the direction in which our country is headed but the anti-americanism that hits every member of the ruling class. american values defend our culture and way of liberty and way of life . not apologize and not tear her down? >> she talked about how long it has taken to get her college edation. it took her 15 years.
8:07 am
>> i never had high paying job or corporate card or worry about where to put my yact to know where to pay my taxes. jabbing at senator kerry. she had financial troubles and troubles getting her diploma. it seems to be working for her rather than against her. you said that all that is. >> she represents something people can relate to. they are looking for a common touch. >> we followed the money on myy sho. she won that primary 375,000 against a guy who is well funded and since that time tuesday night raised two million. funds are pouring n >> we'll talk more about her. coming up. the polls are open in afghanistan and voters are casting their ballots despite early morning violence. taliban trying to disrup the
8:08 am
process with a series of bombings. two americans are under arrest for trying to sell nuclear secrets to venezuela. mascheroni told an undercover agent posing as a venezuela official that he could help venezuela develop a nuclear bomb in 10 years . pope benedict xvi meets with the british prime minister david cameron and celebrates mass. a sixth man arrested in the possible terrorism plot. the pope is celebrating mass at westminister cathedral where he said the church was sorry for the sex obuse scandal. >> leak in bp expected to be permanently sealed today. they are in the final stages .
8:09 am
once plugged, the focus will turn to clean up. bp's well leaked four million gallons of oil. paris hilton agreed to mede guilty to cocaine possession and obstructing a officer . she must serve a year of probation and 200 hours of community service. >> that will learn her. she will turn over a new leaf. >> she denied that was her pocket book. >> yeah. now she pleads guilty. >> it was her. >> community service is going to hurt, rex. >> and what would the day be without a paris update. >> and weather. >> it might be so nice and peaceful. >> check this out. this is igor and that is julia which is a major hurricane
8:10 am
earlier this week . then another storm that will be the next one. they continue to roll off of the coast of africa . we are not done with the active pattern. this is not a major hurricane just yet. it is a major player in the size of it. there is bermuda and the storm is heading toward it. over the next 36 hours taking a direct hit in the bermuda area. sometime tomorrow evening. 36 hours and by this afternoon, we'll be filming the tropical storm force winds. eastern part of the u.s.. swells moving in the eastern shores and we'll see strong rip currents and all the way from florida to new england and more beach erosion along with that as well front in the north other than plains. it is feeling like fall. to the south not so much. it is summer conditions and going to have temps, pushing records in the mid-to upper 90s
8:11 am
and pushing 110 across arizona . a new system in the pacific northwest there as well >> all right. guys. thank you, rick. coming up on the show. senator harry reid trying to give amnesty for illegal immigrants with a controversial proposalce am >> we told you about a segment that is outraging parents. interesting grooming. thanks. i got the idearom general mills big g cereals. they put a white check on the top of every box to let people know that their cereals have healthy whole grain, and they're the right choice... (announcer) general mills make getting whole grain an easy choice. just look for the white check. an easy choice. ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪
8:12 am
♪ friskies grillers blend.
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8:14 am
>> senate majority leader harry reid is attaching a conto versial plan that links illegal ammesty to a spening bill. he calls it patriotic .
8:15 am
republicans say it is a cheap ploy in a election year to stir up votes. thank you for being here bright and early. >> good morning, good to see you. >> john mccain said, they are politicalizing national security and this is a pure political ploy . your reaction that he said they are just trying to get harry reid elected. >> we have to finish the task in hand to secure the border. im the only member of the arizona delegation on national security. even when i was in the arizona state legislature i talked to ranchers down there. we are concerned about doing our ranch chores because we don't want to leave our fam faps alone at home it is a serious situation. we have to stay focused and get the job done and secure the border and no amnesty. >> the dream act has nothing to do with securing our borteder.
8:16 am
why attach it to a defense bill. >> it is another distraction . this is the year of distractions. you know, the boycotts called for in arizona did nothing to secure the border. the administration suing arizona did nothing to secure the border. it is a distraction. i think washington is starting to finally listen to arizona sending more national guard troops to the border . we know in arizona we'll get 524 troops. half of them are there right now. we have to get the job done. let's not be distracted. >> how will those additional national guard troops help to protect your state. the president himself said it is too vast. how will this help. >> i have been down there. that terrain in arizona along the border is really rough. lots of hills and deep ravines and the border patrol are telling me that they are under
8:17 am
constant surveillance from the drug cartel. additional troops are another pair of eyes so we can watch them and fice back. that's what we have to do. >> you are putting your political money where your mouth is and asking congress to take a pay cut. testimony us about the proposal. >> this idea came to me in december. i was at home flagstaff, arizona and neighbors said they got pink slips and i said congress should feel the same pain the american people are feeling right now. i introduced the bill and getting bipartisan support and i am demanding to have a hearog this and we put it up for a vote. 75 percent of the americans say they support this and if anybody out there want to join me i have a website take a pay >> no question that the american people would support that. but you are hardly the most
8:18 am
popular congress person suggesting that they take a pay cut. you know it may not pass. >> it is 77 years since congress took a pay cut . i don't know anyone who hasn't had a pay cut. i write part of my salary to the bureau of public debt. >> that is example. you are asking for a $8700 . cost of living freezes have been frozen for 2011. congressman kirkpatrick thank you for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> a diet drug rejected by the fda. what to know about the weight loss drugs. >> and a man refused to wear a seat belt. when he decided to heed that officer's warning, it saved his life.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
>> a plane makes an emergency landing after pilot respects smoke in the cockpit. it was headed to hawaii and divert to san francisco. mechanics are seeing what caused the mal function . >> and russell brandon gets arrested. the photographs were tailing him and his fiance. if convicted of battery he could face six month to a year in jail. >> here is a scary medical story for you. potentially deadly bacteria that does not respond to antibotics. the cvc has reports of super bug
8:23 am
appear nothing thive states. also this week a new super bug from india has been seen in california, illinois and massachusetts. dr. manny alvarez is here. this sends a shiver down the spine there is a bacteria that doesn't respond to antibotic. >> we do have several bug that is we have limited resour to kill them. new bugs coming down from india. they are typical bacteria that you see with urinary tract infections and appears that americans went to india and got procedures and came back home with the bug. but the funny thing about this bacteria, there is no antibotic available to kill it. >> what do you do? >> right now cvc isolates the cases and even treating them with antibotics we had in the
8:24 am
1950s which are toxic. we have to be careful. this is a listen to tell folks not to overutilize the antibotic. we are losing the war with the bugs and right now we have to be careful. >> we are told not to underutilize. >> who told you that. >> doctors prescribe antibotics. how parents say no thank you. >> most people demand antibotics and the doctor said no. they go someplace else . second of all they never finished the whole course of antibotic. take it for three days and not the seven or 10 day. >> that is dangerous? >> yes, it is dangerous. we better come up with new drugs. >> and a new diet drug. the fda advisory panel voted not to approve a drug.
8:25 am
>> the study shows tumors in the breast. not the kind of thing in the drug you want to how . lowering the weight is five percent. at the end of the day. i am not bullish for the drugs for weight loss and the potential problems they can have far outwas the five percent reduction. i think you are better suing your mouth and walking every day and listening to the nutritional and expert that is we have in the country and don't take a pill. for the love of god. >> funny you should say that. there is a pill on the market meridia. what is going to happen? >> this has been on the market for a long time. weight reduction five or six percent and side affects.
8:26 am
vascular disease and can give you a stroke. in europe they took it off of the market. europeans are usually liberal about keeping drugs on the market and hearing they took it off the market . the panel here split 8-8. i think they will come down and say no. >> dr. manny said diet and exercise will help. i don't know. sounds radical. >> sounds radical. >> meanwhile, we have told you about the controversial sex ed for kindergarten students that has parents upset. now the school has a new plan. parents say it is not enough. first lady trying to get restaurant to cut back on salt and butter. shouldn't she be dictating how much salt we eat in restaurant? >> and what would the food taste like if you cut out the salt. we'll do a fox and friends taste
8:27 am
test? we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
8:28 am
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key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake. no, i've actually lost weight... [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors atround 100 calories each. [ wife ] babe... i gotta go. [ female announcer ] yoplait, it is so good. >> welcome back to "fox and friends". partners, how would you like your kindergartens to be taught sex education. they are easing up on that in
8:31 am
montana. it was a controversial program. now they are changing the rules and how it was written. >> it doesn't sound like they are backing off much. a lot of parents felt uncomfortable with kinder gardeners taught specific termology about body parts and some acts and in first grade, the subject of same-sex relationship was introduced and it got more graphic all the way up to fifth grade and went from graphic explanation of acts. >> if you go to the website on "fox and friends" they show the whole curriculum. five years old you guys. we have to point out these kids are think being baseball and gijoe and barbie dolls. >> and abc and one, two, three's. the parent said the changes in the policy that you can view
8:32 am
don't go far enough. it hasn't - it has been toned down but the superintendent said the spirit of the document remains. i am afraid it will be the same. they have dumbed doub the language and taken it out the graphic. what is actually going to be taught to my child. >> they have changed body part termology in the new plan and produced near abstinance. they made it more prom nen. here is what the superintendent of the school including the kindergarten talked about on "fox and friends". this is dr. bruce messenger. >> it was not our intent to do early instruction but use medically accurate termiology when we address body parts or reproductative system .
8:33 am
i believe the revised wrap clarifies that. >> some of the parents want to emphasize. they are not against knowing the correct termology. but they feel they should do that. parents want to be the ones that teach their kids the terms when they deem appropriate and not their schools. that you can understand. >> listen, the parent of a 12 year old and the thought of him at 5 years old taught this stuff makes my head explode. >> my kids started kindergarten this past week. this is very much in my mind of what their curriculum is if that is the right word and yes, i think the parents are protective of five year olds in kindergarten. we'll get to that later in the show. >> this new video of iran president ahmadinejad arrive nothing damascus, syria with brief talks before he heads to
8:34 am
the uni-- un assembly. he hopes that the americans will release prisoners. now they have released sarshourd. >> as mentioned, the un summit gets underway and there are growing tensions between the un and new york police. fox news learned that the city warned the un that the east side building remains vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> republicans are renewing the call for an up or down vote on all of the tax cuts sit to expire in january. congressman walden said that the tax increase will be a job killer. >> americans have had enough of permanent bail outs and government take overs and stimulus spending sprees.
8:35 am
democrats yob killing process left our small business tied up in uncertainty and an economy bogged down by 10 percent unemployment. >> walden points out a growing choarus of democrats in congress building that tax increase for anyone in a weak economy is a badded why. >> chile is celebrating the independence day and trapped miners could celebrate their freedom sewn are than expected. a drill reach happened a top of the passage. you are listening at the video of the miners celebrating the victory there. they have been trapped for a month and a half now. >> oregon bus driver could lose his job caught reading a bus. he was reading on his kindle while driving through portland. you can see the dash .
8:36 am
driver is on administrative leave pending an investigation . >> and see how the weather is in the country. >> you keep saying it is going to snow. >> they said it was supposed to be sunny today. we are waiting for the clouds to break. >> they scream it is going to snow. >> take a look at weather maps though. it actually snowed a bit in the dacotas and montana. areas of north dakota is waking up to a cold one. take a look at temperatures oud right now. you can see the cold air in the northern plains and northern rockies and summer in the south. it is going to be warm today. look at eastern part of the country really quite dry. you can see the rain in the central plains and that will peter out before it get to the eastern sea board. the east dealing with clear skies and rough conditions on
8:37 am
the shore because of hurricane igor. rain in florida as well heading out in the west, we are looking dry in the southwest and hot. we have rain in the northerb pins. look at high temperatures today. you will see what i am talking about when i say hot. phoenix and 110 today . 97 in memphis . looks like the heat will hang on in areas of the south. looking tomorrow as well. you can see how the heat continues to build in areas of south. some of that heat is making its way in the midatlantic as well you will see temps in the 90s. dave and eric. you guys eating burgers, what are you doing. >> we have a taste test. michelle obama made fighting childhood obesity her number one priority and turning to the restaurant industry for its support. >> together we have to do more and have to go further and we need your hop to lead this
8:38 am
effort and today, i am asking you to use that creativity to rethink the food you offer, especially dishes aimed at young people and to help us make the healthier choice the easier choice. >> should but should the first lady tell the restaurants how to conduct their business and how was the food tasting. joining us is author of the lion. the hunger . thank you. we brought our taste tester. >> i can eat all morning long. >> how hard does it make your job if you are in fact asked to cut back on salt and butt yer fat. >> it make its very, very difficult and far less creatative by the way. what we have done. two vergs of a very common food in restaurants. one way we normally do in restaurants and then we took a lot of stuff out. >> we have a burger.
8:39 am
we did a skinny one and we did a regular one. >> how much difference in calories between the two? >> probably a third. >> a third. okay . salt? about even. >> and we'll go ahead. cold mashed potatoes sound delicious. >> you will not tease me. >> all right. >> there is the first one. no question. >> you can see it. did you just load that up. >> i will take that one. >> that's our recipe. >> this is one that is actually cream butter. >> you didn't like it? but i am a butter guy. >> you don't know which is which. >> you want to pile in to the burger. >> i will just get after it.
8:40 am
>> that's a big burger. >> we are talking 500 to 600 calories. >> even in the skinny one. you are running marathons. it doesn't matter if you have a weight problem this is where. >> the first one was delicious. i hope that is the one with salt. >> i am not going to lie they are both pretty good. >> regulating you now . how would that affect it. >> they are not now. but if they did it would affect us greatly. they would have to change the recipes and it would be a different product. >> which one was the calorie. this is porkble yetwo kinds of cheese and 90 percent lean with a low fat swiss. >> you can get a shot. >> that is pork belly on top.
8:41 am
>> is it the government's job to tell you what to cook with and tell me what i can eat. >> it is my mother's job. >> you put the calories in new york city with the calorie content. >> i am not there yet . i am concerned with it. >> it is -- we need to know what we are eating and informed and educated about it. >> eating two breakfast. >> and if you look like him you need not worry >> john, thank you so much. >> tea party candidate christine o'donnell firing off in the value voters's summit. is the tea party the new gop. governor mike huckabee joins us next. >> and banks lending to small businesses. dave would be reading this but he is fill wide burgers. some financial experts say it
8:42 am
would create another mess. ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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8:45 am
top stories on the websitement whooping cough epidemic could break a record. 4,000 cases and nine infant deaths and 11,000. memory is larger in physically fit kids. people are no less active than 20 years ago. more exercise may not help shed
8:46 am
pounds after all . a changing diet is really the key. for more info go to "fox and friends".comand click on for your health check. >> gop names have harsh words for president obama and the value's voters summit. >> for those who say it is difficult to repeat -- repeal and replace the obama care. repeal the pelosi congress and replace the obama administration in 2012. >> nancy pelosi, harry reid farewell party. america is sick and tired of an administration that exploit the the economic crisis instead of solving it. >> mike huckabee fired up the crowd. good to see you. >> yes, it has been. >> yeah, thank you for having me back. i know there sufficiency a vote taken by a two-one vote i was
8:47 am
asked to come by. i will not tell which one voted against me. >> all eyes on the straw poll. >> another vote. >> your name perhaps could come out on top. you were there though and all of the headlines that there is a fractured republican party between the tea party and moderates and mike castle and lisa murkowski who is refusing to quit. do you sense a fractured party in >> no. i think the grass roots and base and heart and soul and the people who vote and carry signs and all of those things have never been more unified and energized. there is it a group in the elite establishment that is scared to death because they don't control the tea party and base anymore. it is the best thing that happened in the republican ranks. >> in addition to the straw poll that is revealed of which they vote on who they will like to run for president.
8:48 am
there is also the issues. what issue is most important to you this year? we hear so much about the economy, taxes and the federal deficit. is that what is most important this summit? >> one of the thing that is the value voters are trying to make sure people understand. there is a direct correlation between the economy and break down of the family. the single greatest predictor of whether that person will be in poverty is whether or not they live in a stable home. one parent homes, 95 percent more likely to be growing nup in poverty than where two parents work. highest level of poverty since we started keeping numbers . it is indicative of the fact that we have a social break down. what does prison costs? >> it costs more to put a person in prison than a university.
8:49 am
the bigger economic down fall we have. >> chris tin o'donnell won in delaware and then the tea party backed win in new york with pala dino. next state. democrats said you know what, maybe we should extend bush tax cuts. where are you on that? >> they should be extended but for everybody. you don't raise taxes on anyone in the economy. especially only for the wealthy? but the wealthy? those are the small business owners that might be able to hire somebody. money that you take away from them in taxes can could go to a salary. see what the government does? they spend 111 million in. >> governor, we are happy to hear your show is back on the air. live show on . tell us about why i should vote? >> we hear that most people are going to vote this year.
8:50 am
great extraordinary energy. people say i upon not going to vote. vote at hucmail and why they wouldn't vote this year. >> in the midterms. >> and we'll talk about that on the show. >> thank you so much, gov goch. >> and the texas board of education sending a warning to text book publishers. some books have a pro islamic agenda. >> and a man refused to wear a seat belt until he was writ know a ticket. he decided to follow that advoice and that saved his life. they join us next. people who say, "we're with you, no matter what." at wachovia and w fargo, e're with you, when a house turns into a home... ...when a passion becomes a career... ♪ ...when a relationship turns into a lifetime... and when all the hard work finally pays off.
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>> getting is ticket is usually a bummer and it may not found like something to celebrate. joining us this morning is steven carol. with him is police officer who gave him a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. target casey donald. good to see you both this morning, this is a very interesting situation, sergeant. you were actually thanked for giving a ticket. steven, tell us why eventually you were thankful that you were given a ticket for not wearing your seat belt? >> i was thankful because there three weeks after i got the ticket i was involved in a car accident, a rather nasty one. i was hit on the side and car flipped over, completely rolled over, and without wearing my seat belt, i would have been tossed around like a sock in a clothes dryer. would have been hurt for sure, really injured or maybe killed. >> here is the incredible part.
8:55 am
in 40 years of driving you never wore your seat belt until you got this ticket from the sergeant there and you were angry, obviously, when you got the ticket as so many of us are, but you didn't want to get another $130 ticket, so you started wearing your seat belt, target, we understand that when steven, after the accident, he called you. what did steven tell you in this follow-up phone call? >> well, when he made tact with me, i expected it to be bad news and usuly people call me about tickets i've issued it's not pleasant, but i was pleasantly surprised to find out that he wanted to thank me. he said that if he hadn't worn his seat belt he probably would have been hurt or killed. >> and is your message to people this morning, don't forget these police officers are trying to keep us all safe. >> absolutely.
8:56 am
it wasn't just a thank you. what he does has a direct impact on people. i would not have been wearing a seat belt had i not gotten a ticket. >> sergeant darnell, how many tickets are you going to usual today for seat belt violators? >> actually i'm off today so the motoring public is safe. [laughter] >> don't expect any thank yous soon. steven is a rare case, the first in your career. thank you both for being here this morning. >> a great story, guys, thanks for sharing it. >> thanks a lot. >> coming up, she was booted from the primary and lisa mercowski is shaking up the elections with a write in campaign. should see bough out gracefully or staying in the fight? >> put out your bucks. a city that plans to ban you from lighting up in public spaces like parks and beaches? is it fair? is it their business? we report, you decide.
8:57 am
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>> good morning everyone,
9:00 am
it's saturday, september 18th, we start with a fox news alert. polls are about to close in afghanistan, as terrorists try to keep people from voting through bombings and rocket strikes, we have the developing details for you in moments. >> and sarah palin telling the g.o.p. to get ready for the mid term elections. >> there are better days ahead. november 2nd is just ahead and that's going to be a great day for america. >> does that speech signal a 2012 presidential run? we're live in des moines. >> the texas board of education, sending a warning, textbook publisher, they say some have pro-islamic agenda. we investigate. >> and dave, alisyn and eric, the news never ends. that's right. >> this is larry gatlin and you're watching "fox & friends," if you ain't, why not? >> larry is eating a burger
9:01 am
outside? >> probably, that's generally-- >> any minute. larry, i love it when he says, al lynn, how you? how you? >> and hopefully clayton is sleeping in, i think he's on the left coast and might be just waking up. >> a lot of fun. >> all right, well, we start this morning, talking sarah palin. she came to the cradle of americans, america's republican establishment last night, delivering a tribute to renegades going rogue and some say it elevated here as a leader of the party. will we see a presidential run in 2012. >> chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in des moines. what's the reaction to the speech last night? >> i'm quite positive, did you say cradle of washington establishment, the republican establishment? >> i believe that's-- >> there's iowa and that's, it's iowa and it's home of the first presidential caucus and that's why sarah was here. and, yeah, the speech got a huge reaction, she drew about a thousand people to the event
9:02 am
center and she talked at some length about the importance of the upcoming-- sorry, live tv, des moines buses. she talked at some length about the 2010 mid term elections and work for tea party candidates and said that the establishment republican mindset in washington is out of step with the change that voters are demanding across the country. she suggested that folks like karl rove and others needed to sort of get over it and recognize that it's time for maybe some renegades to go rogue in order to wake up the party, the g.o.p., and bring about the type of common sense change that she and the tea party movement have been calling for. she bashed the media, what she calls the lame stream media and gutless for using anonymous sources and went after president obama's foreign and domestic policy, but for the most part folks, on their minds, whether or not she can be president and whether or not she's running. earlier this week she said if folks want her she'll take a shot.
9:03 am
afterwards there was some concern by people, if she's going to run or if she should. not doubt she can rally up republicans. listen to some of the reaction. >> i want to know that she's in it to stay in it. you know, i was very disappointed when she stepped down from being governor of alaska. i thought, you know, if there's a fight there, let's take that on. i want to see you take it on. what is the reason that you're getting out and if it's tough, let's-- i want to see you battle it out, you know? and so, i want to know she's in it for the long haul. >> she comes across as one of the people, one of us and we can all relate to her and she makes sense. she's just a well-rounded, wonderful person and i think that's what we all like here in the midwest. >> she's become the best known face of the tea party movement and she has suggested if there's a ground swell of support for her in her own words, she'd quote, take a shot, but she's quote, happy what she's doing now, talking
9:04 am
across the country and talking about republican and conservative issues, there's a question whether or not she'll run and if she could win and perhaps a measure of the sort of sentiment of a lot of republicans, is that there are as many as a dozen other republicans around the country who are already in various different stages of organizing their presidential candidacies. which is to say, they think that sarah palin either won't run or if she does, they can beater had. >> good point, carl. many candidates already begin having structure in the state of iowa and iowa is different. you can't as they say, parachute in and get out. they have denver expectations there, don't they? >> the iowa caucus process, the first test of presidential timber in the country is kind of odd, not like going into a voting booth and hitting a button or pulling a lever or filling out a ballot, you have to give up an entire evening in a process where you stand up amongst your neighbors and talk about politics and whom you support. that's a major commitment and takes a lot of time to build
9:05 am
it. in the state of over 3 million people, the republican caucus in 2012. only about 150,000 people are expected to participate and the reason that's important for sarah palin and the tea party movement it's a very small group of voters and folks watching fox news channel in the last couple of weeks, recognize that christine o'donnell's upset from delaware was in part because delaware is a tiny state with only a few votes and the tea party express was able to generate a level of enthusiasm with sarah palin's help that's very important and the potency in alaska, kentucky, nevada, colorado, across the country, these have been in republican primaries with small pools of voters. just what the iowa caucus would be for the 2012 presidential process. that's very important as she thinks about whether she can compete in the presidential race. >> carl cameron. thanks so much for all of that. speaking of alaska as carl just was, there was a key announcement out of alaska,
9:06 am
lisa mercowski, the senator defeated in the primary by tea party favorite joe miller, made an announcement she will actually stay in the race, she will be a write-in candidate. listen to her. >> about of his tragic accident that took him from an alaska that he loved so much, he wrote a statement, it said she's a fighter, who stands up for what is right. i trust her commitment to do what's best for alaska. and so, today, my friends, my campaign for alaska's future begins. (cheer (cheers) >> she also took a shot at sarah palin, saying the voters deserve republican woman who won't quit on alaska. but being a write-in candidate is an impossible task, nearly
9:07 am
impossible. is this the american spirit or is it irresponsible. this is exactly what's wrong with the establishment. here she is, comes from a long line of political family and she lost. the process says, if you lose, move on. what she's going to do, what she could do is take the legs out of joe miller's campaign who won fair and square, move aside. >> but we won't have any of the resources, the national, local or state republican party. she has money, but that will be stuff to overcome. strom thurmon the last republican senator to win in a write-in in 1954, very tough. >> the state g.o.p. and current senate colleagues say, we need to support joe miller, he won fair and square, and joe miller has come out and responded to this. let's listen to him. >> this is the perfect example of what the late senator stevens warned against and also of course another example of going back on her word. she said the friday before the primary election, that she
9:08 am
would support the will of the electorate as demonstrated in the primary and of course, yet, she's obviously not versed in character. >> they both invoke the name of senator stevens. >> think of this, how many votes she did get let's say 5%. where are they coming from, potential joe miller or the democrat. >> both. there were some republicans and democrats as well. >> and sarah palin did fire up a response getting back in. primary voters spoke, listen to the people. respect their will. the 40 point incumbent lead and 2.8 million in war chest, voters chose joe instead. her message to voters is m-u-r-k-o-w-s-k-i. she has to teach them how to spell it and then have them put it in the box. >> i may have missed that. >> we do have other news for
9:09 am
you. the fox news alert. the result of the parliamentary elections in afghanistan will not be released for weeks, but the country is already seeing the effects of the campaign. according to insiders, hamid karzai's ruling could blitz a list of preferred candidates and strengthen the process in the months ahead of the vote. this is a key test for the afghan government after last year's fraud-plagued election. and news fromline done as pope benedict celebrates mass. the british visit comes as six people were arrested in a possible terrorism plot. the suspects believed to be from north africa have not yet been charged. in just hours, that bp well that leaked gallons into the gulf could be sealed for good. the final cement in the hole right now and after that dries they'll seal off the relief well and if the well shut the
9:10 am
oil company will, they say, focus on the cleanup. the spill caused billions in damage to the gulf coast. >> voters in hawaii at the polls today. all eyes on the democratic governor, and honolulu mayor in a tight race. and first sought 24 years ago in a primary when hahnemann won and games duke iona ahead in the polls against john carol. those are the headlines. >> very nice. over to rick reichmuth with a check of the weather, getting extreme out there. >> you should say abercrombie. >> that's easy for me. >> check this out. remember we were saying this would be an active hurricane season. this is where we're stacking up. on average by this time in the hurricane season we would have had around seven storms, we've had 11. and six hurricanes typically,
9:11 am
three, and five major hurricanes and typically would have had one. we've had an active hurricane season and most stayed away from the eastern seaboard. that's the case with igor. as long as we're in this. later in september, early october. more storms typically start to form closer to the coast when we might zeelandfalls there. here is igor, and 110 mile per hour storm and this afternoon and by tomorrow night into monday morning and making landfall close to the bermuda area and whether or not it makes landfall it will have the effects and pull on past that. watch more on that in the u.s. weather at the bottom of the hour. >> thanks, rick. >> thanks so much. how do you feel, folks, about the fact that you might not be able to be allowed to walk outside your house, walk in the park and light up a cigarette. might be in the streets, might be a park, but you might not be able to and wants it hits, the law-- >> outdoors, they want to ban smoking basically outdoors.
9:12 am
>> they want to ban a lot of things. the government is getting further and further intruding into your life and we have a couple of e-mails, judy from, i'm not sure where judy is from. >> i like my cigarettes and may my insurance, if i want to smoke, i should be able to smoke. >> and the council woman introduced the banning of it in public parks and pedestrian walkways and that's not true. she says that secondhand smoke hurts people. >> in a park? >> well, there's a debate about that. how many feet away from secondhand smoke you have to be to not suffer the ill effects. >> millions of people come here every year in central park. it's in times square where so many people hang out and linger and walk throughout the day and can't light up there according to the new law. >> andrew in north carolina said, smoker don't have the right to spew their disgusting smoke anywhere they want. shouldn't be allowed to drive and smoke with their windows open. >> wow, never mind be allowed
9:13 am
to smoke in a public area such as a park. >> joe in virginia says, what's next? let's also outlaw those who have hereditary diseases like cancer and heart disease from pro creating. the truth is the people are only concerned with stripping the rights of those who do not conform with their ideals. >> yeah, people are angry about this prospect. you can't smoke in offices, restaurants, bars, go outside and smoke, oh, now you can't smoke out there. >> too many rules, too many regulations, get out. >> and let eric-- >> i don't even smoke. >> keep the e-mails and tweets coming. >> the senate passes a new act that helps bank lend to small businesses, but is more spending really the answer? financial experts here next. >> aen speaking of spending, the white house still touting the first stimulus as a success, did it work when 100 million dollars of it only created 55 jobs, 2 million dollars per job? we'll explain coming up. ring ring. progresso.
9:14 am
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♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪ flip it over and replay ♪ we'll make everything okay ♪ walk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
9:17 am
>> the 30 billion dollar small business jobs and credit act to help stimulate the economy and create jobs. is more government spending and regulation the answer? joaning us now is policy institute wayne cruz, thank you. >> thank you. >> i think there's 30 billion for small businesses, 30 billion for entitlement, the unemployment insurance, 15 billion for home owners when is the spending going to stop and by the way? does it work? >> well, i don't think it works, there are a lot of things you can do for small business. one we need to cut the spending. and affecting businesses are tremendous. that's what we should focus on there's a new campaign in the senate passed in the house next week and go to president obama, for the federal government to invest 30
9:18 am
billion more in banks to direct lending to small businesses. and that's not going to help the amendments that were offered in relation to this bill and it would have helped small businesses and would have extended the tax cuts, allowed credit unites to lend more than they do now. credit unions are a key part of the business funding in this economy and those are the kinds of things that should open up credit and moreover, there are 4,000 plus regulations coming out of washington every year, dealing with that and the one and a half trillion dollar costs of the rules, that's the kind of thing that would really help with growing jobs and creating jobs, creating new healthier economy. >> wayne, you say regulations should expire like a carton of milk. want that cause insane costs in washington? >> that's one thing that ought to be done. regulations should expire, but that's taking into account regulations are passed in the first place, we ought to review the regulatory state
9:19 am
costs 1 1/2 trillion dollars and single package to cut each other, up and down on that. and major regulations that come through, like the health care bill or come from the financial reform bill, of the 4,000 rules, a hundred or so of them cost over 100 million a year and at the very least, those out to go back to congress for an up or down vote with no amendment. lots of things we can do. >> why are we not spending the 300 billion on unspent stimulus on some of these instead of new bills. >> the idea of federal money, you don't want to spend tax. it's not a good idea having government deciding what kind of businesses or loans should be made. you don't want government i can picking the winning horses running rnd a the track. the federal government's job is to make sure that the tax and regulatory track is improved so that everybody can run. >> and we have to leave it there. >> not any particular ones. >> thanks for joining us, wayne cruz, thank you for
9:20 am
joining us. texas board of education, taking up the textbook debate and warning against the pro islamic agenda. tucker carlson next with the details. the results are in, which is the sexiest city in the u.s.? do you live there? one hint it's not vegas, it's not new york. it might be texas. we'll tell you who is bringing sexy back coming up.
9:21 am
9:22 am
9:23 am
>> 6:23. we are at clayton morris is, i'm not telling you where. shareholders make way for the biggest airline a merger between united and continental airlines. de keep the united names and continental logo. aircraft manufacturer airbus is developing a plan for a
9:24 am
see-through passenger plane. right now it's still in the concept stage. alisyn. >> thanks so much, dave. well, the trouble with textbooks in texas have become a battle of religion. the state's board of education will meet next week about placing a warning with publishers about promoting pro islam teachings and not those of the christian culture. is this a case of freedom of religion or board of education. we're joined by tucker carlson. hey, tucker. >> hi, alisyn. >> why is the board of education in texas worried about the pro-islam, anti-christian content? can you give us perspective how common this is in textbooks currently? >> well, it's a huge and legitimate problem and that's just not one's man opinion. there have been studies on this over the past couple of years, and it indicates that in general, textbooks take a
9:25 am
dim view of-- highlighting the elements of christiandom and suppressing any critical information about islam. distorting the meaning of jihad, for instance, highlighting the christians during the crusade and down playing atrocities by muslims, et cetera. this is not an isolated event. this is something you can find an in lot of textbooks and the texas board, conservative members are worried about this happening in texas and taken a stand. >> we know this is important to all of us because as goes texas so does the rest of the country, generally with textbooks. >> that's right. >> not all of the texas board is comfortable with the resolution. and let me read to you a statement. a republican in texas, he doesn't like it. he says the problem with the resolution, it's not legal. under the law, the state board of education cannot legally say what should and should not be included in textbooks, is he right? >> right. i think he may be right. he may be right.
9:26 am
sort of missing the point and the point is that this is a problem. and that these members, while they may not have the power to shape what is specifically in texas textbooks have a valid concern, they're not paranoid. they're not crazy, they've been jumped on in texas and around the country. and there have been a number of columns written accusing them of being deranged and paranoid. flip it around. if there was a study that indicated there was widespread racism in american textbooks and the school board said look, we don't want any of that in ours, would they be denounced as paranoid? of course not. and these people aren't paranoid. whether or not they have the right to prevent this from happening. >> right, so it sounds like they may not have the legal right, but that won't stop them from suggesting to publishers in the form of this resolution that they do the right thing. so we'll keep it eye on this. >> these are history textbooks and that information has no place in the history textbooks. great point. thank you for joining us. >> thanks. >> the conservative movement getting a boost before the mid
9:27 am
term elections at the summit. we have a live report on the fiery speakers like christine o'donnell, what she said. live from d.c. next. then the white house still saying that the stimulus work, 111 million dollars of it, only created 55 jobs in one city. we'll explain where that is coming up. but first, fall is almost here and it's time to get ready for your yard cleaning for the cold weather. let's do some fall clean yum. home depot is here with tips for all of us. bass pro shops. your adventure starts here. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," it's 9:30 eastern time. we start this half hour in the nation's capital where the values voter summit is underway this morning and more fiery speeches are expected ahead of the results of today's presidential straw poll. >> caroline shively is live in the omni shore in washington. what's on the agenda for today. >> the speakers as you guys mentioned. up to the podium, bill bennett a radio host and president bush's drug czar, we expect to hear newt gingrich in a couple of minutes from now and also, virginia's governor and then a panel. they're talking about hollywood, asking the question, is hollywood getting the big picture on values? we just heard from that, with the liberty council.
9:32 am
he says it's time to take america back. that's what they're seeing emerging from this. they think that 2010 will be a big year, but the headlines are coming up this afternoon. you mentioned it, a straw poll, a dozen and a half republicans and finding out where the social conservatives are putting their race. >> is there any way to predict who has the most momentum. many are talking about christine o'donnell being the "it" girl. any way to preview that straw poll. >> anyone will tell you in washington, a lot can happen in two years, but mike huckabee won this last year and mitt romney number two, tim pawlenty not on the ballot this time and sarah palin. definitely i would say that huckabee is the front runner, he spoke yesterday and brought down the house. it's so important to figure out who is jockeying, who can get the backing of the social conservatives, especially if they're right and they say, hey, we could really point the
9:33 am
direction of this country in 2012. >> yeah, speaking of the social conservatives, that's been a very hot topic, a few months back, governor huckabee hinted that maybe the social issues should be ignored in this environment and then jim demint yesterday hinted that they should be front and center. what's the consensus there? >> oh, absolutely. they think front and center, social conservatives and is at the heart of this conference. jim demint, he spoke to the crowd yesterday, take a listen. >> washington has treated americans like they were stupid for too long. november the 2nd your going to see who is stupid and they're going to be at washington and you're going to be back in. >> christine o'donnell, you were talking about her, she's been called the "it" girl, she also spoke and she's been talking about how the conservative movement, she doesn't like it. she doesn't like how it's been portrayed in the media and here is what else she had to say.
9:34 am
>> they're trying to say we're trying to take over this party or that campaign, they don't get it. we're not trying to take back our country, we are our country. >> and that's it from here, guys, back to you in new york. >> caroline shively, thanks so much for the preview of what's happening today. >> meanwhile to the rest of your headlines. two americans are under arrest for trying to sell nuclear secrets to venezuela. a scientist and his wife there once worked at the los alamos laboratory in new mexico and told an undercover agent posing as a venezuelan official that he could help venezuela develop a nuclear bomb within ten years. >> ahmadnejad arriving in damascus, syria, for talks with syria's president before he heads to the u.s. general assembly in new york. earlier ahmadnejad said he's hopeful the u.s. will release iranian prisoners now that iran has freed hiker sarah
9:35 am
shourd. in december, iran released a list of 11 iranians it accuses the u.s. of holding. pennsylvania's director of homeland security is under fire. james power allegedly paid a security firm $103,000 taxpayer dollars, anti-drilling, gay rights supporters and taxpayer advocates. some lawyers are already filing privacy lawsuits and governor ed rendell apologized and said he was unaware that the groups were being spied on. well, she said herself, lindz say lohan tweets, failed a drug taste, regrettably i did fail my recent drug test and if i'm asked i am prepared to appear before the judge. >> tmz ace she allegedly tested for cocaine. last month she released earlier, only served 13 of 90
9:36 am
day sentence for probation of a drunk driving condition and i'm going to go with that jail term didn't work. all right. now, who is-- the results are in, the sexy city. men's magazine ranked from most sexy to least sexy and the winner is, are you listening eric. >> i'm listening. >> not miami as you predicted. >> i predicted miami. >> it's austin, texas, home of sandra bullock and usually shirtless matthew mcconnaughey. >> and the rest of the top five, dallas, texas, what's going on in texas, columbus, ohio, durham nock, denver, colorado. the least sexy, charleston, west virginia, yonkers, new york, definitely not sexy, burlington vermont and portland maine are the final. >> and is portland, maine and burlington vermont. it's hard to be sexy when you're wearing five layers of wool, that's not particularly sexy. >> can i point out the criterion for sexy or not
9:37 am
sexy. >> birth rates. >> birth rates and tv rates and condom sales. >> they have a point. let's go outside to rick. >> what, std rates. >> that's part of whatever. >> makes it sexy? >> what cities are in engaging? >> i guess i'm going to new hampshire. all right, take a look at this huge storm on thursday evening in areas of new york. take a look at the picture that was sent in to me. it was a scary storm and yesterday, they were out doing the surveying to see what kind of a storm it was, and in fact, there were two tornados that touched down, one in queens and one in brooklyn, two of the outer boroughs in a microburst and causing problems. you don't see those kind of storms. if you have any pictures send hem to me, i'll put them on my twitter page. crazy storms and switch gears to the northern plains, talking about very cold temperatures and somebody put on my twitter they were
9:38 am
scraping windshields in north dakota, biz, ma. the cold air is moving in, some people feel like fall and some have the heat in place. the eastern part of the country, rain across areas of the far southeast, and then down towards texas seeing some rain and also the rain in across parts of the plains right now. to the north of that where the extremely cold air is. across the west, another system pulling into the pacific northwest, bringing in more rain and across the southeast, just plenty of sunshine from l.a. throughout the four corners and take a look at your temps today. phoenix, you're in the 110 range again. so a lot of heat out there. 97 in memphis, you want summer to end, but we're going to break more records and that heat looks like it's going to stay with us, all week long, down across the south and eastern tier of countries not getting a break at all. all right, hey, the fifth sexiest city in the country. >> i was going to brag about that until i heard about the criteria. >> i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately,
9:39 am
summer is coming to an end and more bad news, that means you've got to start cleaning up. >> yes. >> fall cleanup is important, it doesn't have to be all that expensive though, you can do it yourself. mike cartozza has tips from home depot. tell us what to do to get rid of the leaves, brother. >> fall is almost here and actually feels like fall. >> very much crisp. >> and soon your yard will look like this. >> it already does. >> and we are going to start off talking a little about rakes, because that's the first way you might want to approach getting rid of the leaves. >> these are from aims and both are from aims, a couple of innovations, the super size. >> those are huge. >> and see, it's kind of rounded so makes a nice scoop effect. and the tines are built to keep their shape and do a great job and the whole idea it helps you to do more work in less time. >> so saves you the fatigue of doing that and what you might not realize is raking is decent exercise.
9:40 am
>> i realize it. >> and you talked about-- it's back breaking work, 12 hours last year. >> an average person can burn 150 calories in half an hour. it's decent exercise and nice about the fall, and the yard, the quiet. >> it's a nice ritual. if only we rake up astroturf it would help. >> and take the manual labor out of the equation. >> so if you want the power to back you up, first of all, we've got the blower vac from toro, a vacuum blower and a mulcher, the only electric on the market with a metal impeller, the item that does the mulching is metal and can turn 15 bags of leaves into one bag and does a fantastic job mulching that and making it fine. >> this bad boy looks like something out of ghost busters. >> like a jet pack. >> it's nice and big and
9:41 am
powerful, but because of the way it's constructed with the density, high density, low impact plastic, it's very light weight and once you get this on and get strapped in, it does a great job. you will all kinds of different attachments, a two-year warranty and this is a five year warranty. >> strap this thing on, i'm going to feel a lot more manty. oh, yeah! >> and i told you, right here. >> it runs on gas and they didn't want to put gas in here and this one starts by-- >> that's all right. >> this has multiple speeds. >> okay. i was more excited by this. leaves are not the only problem. take care of the trimmer. >> tease are from fiskers. we're talking about lowering the fatigue. use it for a long period of time, it makes a difference. the lowest or bottom handle rotates as i use it. see the spinning, it doesn't
9:42 am
seem like a big deal. if you use it for hours, makes a difference because it mimics the natural movement of your hand and got an award from the arthritis foundation. >> really? >> it got an ease of use award. the only hand tool that's ever gotten that. they think that this is going to help people. >> quickly. the other tools. >> this is a lopper. one thing, because of the way it's constructed, three points of conduct and multiplies your effort and so you use a third amount of the energy you would with a normal lopper. >> and this is the-- >> this is a stick pruner, but the cool thing that the rope that operates this is on the inside and doesn't get tangled in the brachls. if you use it all day it's a difference and reach up. >> all right, we've got to leave it at that, very nice, get up high. easy work. mike cartozza, thank you, sir. what's coming up on the show. >> put at that down. >> that's from the leaf blower. >> let's talk about power,
9:43 am
eric, are you standing on you way up at work. how you can become a big shot in the office, a power player, if you will. we have all of the tips for you to move up on the totem pole. and vice-president joe biden releasing a report of 100 successful stimulus projects, not so fast, how much they cost, we break it down coming up. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style. style that lasts a lifetime. what do you say we get the look we want, the softness we need, and an unbeatable lifetime stain warranty for whatever life throws at it. then let's save big on the installation. ♪
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>> our next guest says it's all about power. the stanford university graduate school of business and the new book "power, why some people have it and others don't" good morning, professor. >> good morning. >> you might the secrets. it may work places and basically, you have to do more than just a good job. what do you mean? >> well, there is a-- reading the financial news recently. lots of financial organizations ceo's did a horrible job and walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars and then there are friends of mine like ray who did a very great job starting a very effective leadership program at unisys and he was fired because he didn't instill good relationships with the hr department and when the sponsor left he found himself out of work. >> professor, think of yourself and your career as an entrepreneur, what do you mean by na? >> you should think about strategicically where you are
9:48 am
positioning yourself. i have a colleague who did a very good job coming into sat. he responded in the corporate consulting team and that's a job, a position where you have lots of contact with the senior leadership and you can build a central network throughout the organization and he did very well, even though he was not a software engineer and has no sales experience. so you need to be very thoughtful where you're beginning and the relationships that you're building. >> here is another interesting thing about relationships, in order to build power. >> fill a brokerage role. what does that mean? >> that means you want to span groups that would otherwise not be connected, but could do a very good job and stay connected with each other. think about a vc, what venture capitollist does, looks for moan to be invested and bringing the two together.
9:49 am
groups that do well by transacting with each other and otherwise would not be in contact. if you can bring those groups together you can profit from the experience. >> professor, quickly, we're running out of time. i'm sure everyone out there want to know, can i still get ahead and get power if i'm a nice guy or do you have to be gordon gecko in order to have power. >> you don't have to be gordon gecko, but thoughtful and strategic about what you do and you do on occasion have to do what it takes in order to play the game. >> jeffrey, the book is power, why some people have it and others don't. thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> all right. the white house still touting the first stimulus as success, but it didn't really work when 111 million dollars of it created exactly 55 jobs and that's just one example. we'll break it down next. gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office
9:50 am
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icht. >> you may call it the king of stimulus insanity and on it, in los angeles received 111 million dollars in stimulus money, only managed to create 55 jobs. that, friends, is 2 million dollars a job. the white house now firing back, vice-president joe biden unveiled the quote, 100 recovery act projects that are changing america, a stimulus greatest hits list, if you will. the administration says these are projects putting people back to work. is it true? peter mauricesy is president of maryland smith school of business and the former u.s. international trade commission. good morning to you, sir. how in the world did l.a. spend 110 million dollars and create 55 jobs?
9:54 am
>> well, i think that's a question that they ought to be answering. the answer is this administration has been using the stimulus package to pay people off. it's nothing more than tweet in the new york in the 19th century. for example, academics supported president obama and his quest for the white house and now he's financing their projects. for example, a $200,000 project to help serbian communities lobby moscow. now, how does providing a serbian-- excuse me siberians to lobby moscow create jobs? let's look at the white house's own examples. it takes $100,000 for the private sector to create a job and they spent 30 million dollars on an industrial park in new jersey, that should create, oh, upwards of 300 jobs, they created 68. now, this administration simply misspent the stimulus money on political hobby horses. >> it's fascinating as we look deeper into the l.a. report.
9:55 am
transportation created nine jobs, the public works department spent 70 million and created seven jobs, saved seven jobs. where is the millions of dollars of taxpayer money, where is it going? >> in the pockets of people. where else does it go? it basically goes to keep bureaucracies that are failed going. it doesn't create any new jobs. let's face it, this administration is incompetent. it didn't craft the stimulus package, remember that. a president is supposed to say this is what i need to get the economy going, instead he said to congress, give me $800 billion in stimulus. you gave 800 billion to nancy pelosi and this is what comes back. there's no firmer indictment. you want to know why the tea party is doing so well? it's this report. >> so, joe biden has his 100 recovery act projects that are changing america and we put together some project that might stun the viewers out there. 51 million for injured vets complex that created 230 jobs.
9:56 am
how about 153 million dollars for a cancer genome project, approximately 150 jobs created and we could go on and onment how about one more, 198 million to extend a tunnel. 250 jobs created. how is the vice-president going to go out there and tout the success of the stimulus in this summer of recovery? >> well, always been convinced is that joe biden is a skilled politician, but absolutely shameless. the kinds of examples that he provided on his list are so shameful and inefficient, the private sector give him $100,000 they create a job. the public sector is spending upwards to a million dollars to create jobs. you've given examples where it's worse, but look what they're giving money for. 700,000 to study how monkeys deal with inequity. another one for international ant research. >> it's shocking. peter mauricesy, we can't believe the examples you could go on for 20 minutes. university of maryland. we appreciate your time.
9:57 am
>> thank you. >> and more "fox & friends."
9:58 am
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